L.U.X. in the Temple of Shadows - Vegetation

In this 7 week project at FutureGames, Stockholm I was an environment artist for the game L.U.X. - in the Temple of Shadows, making vegetation assets and rocks, as well as doing set dressing for most levels. Besides the environment I also did rigging and animation of the characters. I was Lead Artist for the project, working on setting the art style and making sure all assets adhered to it. We went for a semi-stylized look with nudges towards older isometric games. The game was made in Unity 2018.
The game can be downloaded for free at: https://aksel-englund.itch.io/lux

In-game environment also made by:
Joakim Engholm: Environment assets
Johan Qvarfordt: Environment assets, texturing
Erik Forsström: VFX

Sara soderman ingame 02 wm
Sara soderman ingame 01 wm
Sara soderman ingame 03 wm
Sara soderman f wm

A small diorama made with the assets I made for the game.
Rocky cliffs were sculpted and modeled by me, textured by Johan Qvarfordt.

Sara soderman l wm
Sara soderman r wm
Sara soderman foliage shader cut

My setup for the foliage wind shader, using vertex painting.
All three color channels are used to make different plants move in different ways.
All plants share one 2k texture.

Sara soderman luxplantgif02

Vertical climbing plants only move in z and x-axis, large leaved plants move in y-axis, and the flowers move in y and z-axis. The shader also had open parameters for general intensity and speed of the animation, as well as for wind intensity and speed.

Game trailer for L.U.X: In the Temple of Shadows