Heirloom Piano

This was my project for the Hard surface and Texturing classes at FutureGames during fall 2017.
During texturing my main focus was to create believable wear from playing, everything from fingerprints where the lid was opened to the finish being worn down on the keys. My reference was my own heirloom piano from the 1930's, which several generations of children in my family has learned to play on.

I have also created an animation rig for this piano, and it is not impossible that I will update with an animated /playing/ version of it in the future.

Modeled in Maya 2018, maps baked in Marmoset Toolbag 3, textured in Substance Painter.

Sara soderman screenshot004

My vision was to capture a very old and well loved piano, tainted by the wear of almost a century of playing, now stored away and collecting dust.

Sara soderman screenshot016

The keys have many layers of wear; paint scraped off to show the wood underneath, the finish worn down from many generations of fingers and the slight grease which accumulates around the edges.

Sara soderman screenshot019
Sara soderman screenshot016
Sara soderman screenshot003