Painter's Studio

"This is that Tuesday in March, when the sun is shining but there’s no warmth, and the world feels grey."
This project is part of a 4-week specialization class at FutureGames where I wanted to improve on getting a realistic feel to an environment. I didn’t have a concept to start from, so I did a quick sketch of the layout and the main assets I wanted in the scene, the rest of the inspiration I drew from memory from that year I spent studying traditional art.
Tiling textures where made in Substance Designer, individual assets were textured in Substance Painter. Main assets like the table, chair and easel were sculpted in ZBrush and baked in Marmoset Toolbag 3.
This was also my first experience with using decals in UE4, which I will definitely play around with more in the future.

If I had 3 more days to work on this I would update the paint splatter on the floor and walls, tweak the lighting and add some dirty towels and maybe an apron hanging from the wall.

Sara soderman paintrender 02
Sara soderman paintrender 03
Sara soderman paintrender 04
Sara soderman paintrender 01
Sara soderman paintrender 02 l
Sara soderman sketch

Day 1 and day 20 during the project, in comparison.